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What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment involves moving or straightening teeth to improve their appearance and/or function. Straightening teeth can make them easier to keep clean and therefore they are at less risk of developing decay or periodontal disease


Who can have orthodontic treatment?

An orthodontic assessment is required, looking at your mouth and teeth to determine whether you are able to have orthodontic treatment. Barriers to treatment can include poor oral hygiene, age (some treatments are best carried out when patients are growing) or cost. However we can work with you to overcome any barriers that are enabling you to have orthodontic treatment.


Does it hurt?

You may experience pain or discomfort after your braces are fitted or after routine adjustments. For most this can be relieved with a soft diet and the use of painkillers this normally settles within a few days.  The inside of your mouth will take a few weeks to adjust to your braces. You will be given wax which you can place over any brackets or wires that are irritating the inside of your mouth.


How long will I have to wear braces for?

This depends on what type of a brace you are having. Treatment usually takes between 18 to 24 months but can vary depending on the type of treatment you have to straighten your teeth.


Do I have to change my diet?

Yes, you need to avoid hard and sticky foods as these damage the brace and your teeth.


Will I have to wear retainers?

This will depend on what type of brace you have had. After a course of fixed appliance treatment your teeth will always want to move back to their original alignment. It is recommended that you wear your retainers every night for a year and a few nights a week thereafter for as long as you want your teeth to remain in the same place following treatment.


How much will treatment cost?

If you are under 18 years of age and qualify for treatment on the NHS there will be no cost for your orthodontic treatment. If you do not fall into this category you will have to pay for your treatment privately.


Do I have to visit my dentist during my orthodontic treatment?

Yes, it is very important that you continue to see your dentist as normal during your treatment. Your Orthodontist is primarily focused on your braces and your teeth are more at risk to dental decay during treatment so it is very important that you see your dentist regularly to maintain your overall oral health.



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